Dory is a local TV star. Our five-month old bully mix helped DC-area viewers of News Channel 8 celebrate National Dog Day. She was a sweet sensation on Let’s Talk Live. Positive dog trainer Aly DelaCoeur of Why Does My Dog demonstrated how positive training can benefit any pup.




Dory made a lot of fans. Yes, Brian, she’ll gladly give you her pawtograph for some bacon.

Sweet Dory is still looking for an adopter or a foster. She’s a pup that is easy to train because she’s so smart and loves her training treats. She’s an active dog that loves to play with toys and other dogs, but she’s also incredibly affectionate. After a good play session with her favorite toys, she wants to snuggle up next to a person and rest her chin on a leg.

Learn more about Dory on our adoption page.

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