Local Community Resources for Behavior Support and Enrichment

DC PAWS Training Partner Directory: Learn about how we select our training partners and what to look for when enlisting the support of a trainer or behavior consultant, and connect with a DC PAWS vetted training partner through our directory.

Your Dog’s Friend (Rockville, MD): Offering a robust website with training articles and resources, free monthly adopter workshops and seminars, and a Foster Dog Alliance offering discounted training support to dogs in foster care.

AWLA Pit Crew Walking Group (walks based in Northern Virginia): This group walking group is a program of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s Pit Crew, which works to increase adoption rates for pit bull type dogs and provide owner support for pit bull guardians. The Pit Crew’s walking group provides guardians of ALL dog breeds an opportunity to exercise and socialize their dogs in a controlled setting. Walks are hosted by dedicated volunteers and and free to participate in, but you must contact the Pit Crew and complete a questionnaire for you and your dog prior to having access to group walks.

Resources for Puppies

Helping Your Adopted Dog Adjust to a New Home

Setting Dogs Up for Success

Common Behavior Issues and Nuisance Behaviors

Resources for Fearful Dogs

Resources for Reactive Dogs

Managing and Treating Separation Anxiety

Resources for Children and Dogs

Resources for Cats