Pickens County, South Carolina

Pickens County, S.C., animal control lacks the resources to facilitate adoptions to the public, yet they are required by law to take all animals surrendered to their facility. The animal control officers do their best with the limited resources they have, but the lack of adoption hours means that that most animals surrendered to the facility are killed. The only ones who leave alive are those pulled by a rescue like DC PAWS.

Strays are given a county-mandated five-day hold period, however the majority are never claimed, and face euthanasia unless rescued.  Owner surrenders may be killed at any time for space.

Rescue is the only lifeline for the majority of these animals. Even with the assistance of rescue organizations, the euthanasia rate at the animal control facility is more than 97 percent or dogs and 99 percent for cats. DC PAWS is working to change those stats.

Pickens County has numerous “on the ground” efforts working to address the homeless pet population, including a successful low-cost spay/neuter and vetting program with Animal Allies.  Progress is being made, but much more is needed to address the problem of overcrowding in the animal control facility.

Since we are currently committed to partnering with Pickens County, S.C, we are not accepting owner surrenders unless the dog or cat has been adopted through DC PAWS Rescue.  DC-area residents who are thinking of rehoming a pet should refer to our resource page for information on this  topic.