Meet Nena

Breed: DMH/Russian Blue Mix
Approximate Age: 8-9 years
Approximate Weight: 12 lbs
Personality: initially shy, but affectionate once settled in
Observations with Dogs:  good with proper introduction
Observations with Cats: good with proper introduction
Observations with Kids: good with gentle children
Currently Living at:  DC Area Foster Home

Nena’s family had a human baby and as the baby became mobile, Nena feared the hair and tail pulling. Her family decided there wasn’t room for her anymore and dumped her at the shelter. This nearly broke Nena’s heart, and she was very sad and confused at the shelter.  Shelter staff were worried, but after an adjustment period, they began to see Nena turn the corner, and she offered head butts, purrs, and love.

While Nena may not be a kitten, she can certainly live and thrive for many more years and deserves a second chance at a real forever home.  Her experiences have likely made her somewhat fearful of young children who are not gentle with cats, so she may do best in a home with older children who have been taught how to treat animals gently.  She will gladly repay you with snuggles and affection, and the wonderful companionship of a very appreciative cat.

Please note that cats adopted through DC PAWS must be indoor only, and may not be declawed.

If you are interested in adopting Nena, please submit an adoption application at