Meet Amelia!

Name: Amelia
Breed: DSH Tabby
Approximate Age: 6-7 months old
Approximate Weight: 4 lbs
Personality:  Affectionate lap kitty
Observations with Dogs:  good with friendly dogs
Observations with Cats: good
Observations with Kids: good with gentle children
Currently Living at: DC area foster home

Amelia came to the shelter as a stray.  She was skinny and starving.  Initially, the shelter staff thought she was only four months old, yet after a few days her tummy was distended and she appeared to be pregnant or that she had a mass on her liver.  Emergency surgery revealed that Amelia’s stomach was VERY full of the food she had been fed at the shelter.  There were also several pieces of GRAVEL in her stomach.

Her stomach and intestinal tract was cleared out and it appears Miss Amelia is actually 6-7 months old, and is just small for her age.  It is likely that Amelia did not eat regularly before she was rescued, so when she eats, she gorges herself.  It explains why she ate rocks out of desperation!

Amelia is otherwise healthy and recovering well from surgery.  She will need to have her food intake limited on a daily basis and she must eat several, smaller meals to prevent her from over-eating and eating too quickly.  The vet thinks she may grow out of this tendency, but it is possible that she will always have the inclination to binge eat.

In spite of all she has been through, she is a lovely little girl, loves attention, and purrs like crazy.  She’s dreaming of a forever home where she will be loved and never have to worry about going hungry again.

Please note that cats adopted through DC PAWS must be indoor only, and may not be declawed.

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